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Acrobatics Classes

Acro classes are offered to gymnasts at all levels from beginning to advanced with opportunities to join our competitive team.

Acrobatic gymnastics is a gymnastics discipline where athletes work together to perform acrobatic skills, tumbling, and dance all choreographed to music.

Balance routines focus on strength and flexibility and include balance elements. Dynamic routines focus on tosses and catches, and include tumbling. Combined routines contain both balance and dynamic skills.

Compulsory levels perform one routine, intermediate levels perform two routines, and elite levels perform three routines. Because acrobatics is a partner sport, it is a unique gymnastics discipline that is known for challenging athletes with life skills such as trust, teamwork and communication.

Acrobatic Gymnastics has 5 Categories:
Women’s Pairs, Men’s Pairs, Mixed Pairs, Women’s Trios, and Men’s Fours.

Women’s Pairs: Involves two females (one base and one top).
Men’s Pairs: Involves two males (one base and one top).
Mixed Pairs: Comprised of a male (the base) and a female (the top).
Women’s Trio: Comprised of a female base, female middle, and female top.
Men’s Fours: Comprised of four male athletes (a base, two middles, and a top).

Acro Classes Available:

We offer both recreational acro classes and the opportunity to be on a competitive team.

Acro Rec: Athletes focus on skills that require balance, coordination, and agility, and begin to build strength and flexibility. Basic partner work is introduced with an opportunity to move into our Acro Pre-Team class.

Acro Pre-Team: Athletes focus on skills that require balance, agility, strength, and flexibility while working with a partner(s). Coaches begin to prepare them for our competitive team.

Acro Team:  Team is a year-long program in which athletes are partnered and train to compete.


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Acro classes are offered to gymnasts at all levels from beginning to advanced with opportunities to join our competitive team.

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body & mind

Gymnastics is great for the body and mind. It promotes flexibility and coordination, develops strong and healthy bones, instills a great sense of self discipline, and provides an environment to establish great social skills.


healthy lifesyle

Gymnastics improves physical health and athletic discipline. Through consistent practice of the sport athletes will build strength, improve flexibility, fine tune coordination, develop discipline and enhance self-esteem!


life-long learning

Not only is the training physical, but we focus on discipline, life-skills, and an understanding on how to further your skills, and how to form life-long bonds. There's more than just muscle memory.


balanced results

Life is all about balance- and we focus on all aspects of keeping a healthy balance in the lessons, technique, and discipline we teach.


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