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AcroArmy is a performance team of high level acrobats, brought together to create show stopping entertainment worldwide.  They are coached here at Realis by 2 time world champion Arthur Davis.  This amazing group won 3rd place on America’s Got Talent and continue to perform at high profile events and shows worldwide.  Want to learn acrobatics for performance?  Email and find out how to be involved.


In addition to winning 3rd place on America’s Got Talent, AcroArmy has appeared on NBC, Olympic Trials, Hallmark channel, Vogue Magazine, and performed in high profile events and shows around the world.  They currently train at Realis and teach how partner based acrobatic gymnastics to people from all different disciplines.  Some of their current members have come from Cheer, MMA, Ballet, Yoga, and competitive Acro.  If you are interested in Acro for performance please contact them at

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We Also Offer:


We offer gymnastics classes for all ages and levels.

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We offer a colorful, padded, fun and safe environment for toddlers and preschoolers to learn the sport of gymnastics.

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Our Tumbling classes are offered for every skill level from beginning to advanced.

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Acro classes are offered to gymnasts at all levels from beginning to advanced with opportunities to join our competitive team.

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Have your party with us at Realis! No set-up, no clean up; just come for the fun!

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Open Gym

Open gym is supervised play in the gym. A perfect time to practice your skills or just enjoy spending time with friends at the gym.

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Great way to learn new skills and make new friends!

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Circus activities are great for the body and mind.

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body & mind

Gymnastics is great for the body and mind. It promotes flexibility and coordination, develops strong and healthy bones, instills a great sense of self discipline, and provides an environment to establish great social skills.


healthy lifesyle

Gymnastics improves physical health and athletic discipline. Through consistent practice of the sport athletes will build strength, improve flexibility, fine tune coordination, develop discipline and enhance self-esteem!


life-long learning

Not only is the training physical, but we focus on discipline, life-skills, and an understanding on how to further your skills, and how to form life-long bonds. There's more than just muscle memory.


balanced results

Life is all about balance- and we focus on all aspects of keeping a healthy balance in the lessons, technique, and discipline we teach.


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